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At first I thought she was just being nice, but it did cause me to think and have fantasies of a forbidden fling between the two of us.

Then Joanne started telling me things like, "I've been so lonely since the divorce that I can't get to sleep at night." I playfully suggested she get a teddy bear to cuddle up with, but Joanne, never missing a chance to turn the conversation a little bit risque, looked at me with a naughty smile and said, "Well, I was thinking about getting a toy, but a teddy bear wasn't what I had in mind." When she spoke, she drew out her words slowly, animating her lips and tongue in a show of oral control. Her display had been intentional, to to tease me and make me hard. Any man in that position would immediately think of those lips and tongue expertly working over his dick.

"Yeah, but I got the set done somehow," I answered, hoping my fear was just groundless paranoia. "It was impressive," she finally said in her flirtatious way.

I wasn't really sure what she was referring to and was afraid to pursue the conversation.

With the millions of dollars spent turning that old industrial building into luxury condos, you'd think that soundproofing would be a given, I mean, how could any contractor overlook such a basic detail?

Well, it seemed the newest, swankiest condos in the old neighborhood had a dirty little secret: Sound carried very well-too well!

I could easily picture her happily deep throating some guy's tube steak, still dressed in her black waitress uniform, however, and that sexualized her for me.

I'd often wished I could be one of those men Joanne used sexually to fill the void in her life.

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Any similarity to real people, living or dead, is coincidental. Do not read this story if it is illegal to read about explicit sex where you live. Kate had made it known to me that she could hear Madison and me having sex, which churned up mixed feelings of embarrassment and erotic excitement in me.Then I heard a familiar female voice say, "I'll bet that was really hard." Breathing in, I looked up to see Joanne, a woman I knew, looking down at me.I was hoping she was referring to my bench pressing and not my manhood.Well, I knew it was no secret that Joanne was very talented when it came to sucking penises, but I kept in mind that was the impression she wanted to give.After that incident and the talk of toys I ran home from the gym to masturbate to the thought of Joanne peeling off her Spandex for me.

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