12th doctor announcement online dating

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A month before this, Capaldi stated "This could be my final year it's terrifying, I love Doctor Who but it can be an insular world and I do want to do other things.There will come a time when this is over, but I knew that when I started.Doctor Who showrunners are set to reveal the identity of the show's new lead, and speculation is rife that a woman will step into the Doctor's shoes for the first time.

Capaldi said that the costume took a long time to find.

Capaldi prepared for the audition by downloading old Doctor Who scripts from the Internet and practising in front of a mirror.

He discovered he had been given the part during filming for Adrian Hodges' The Musketeers in Prague; after missing a call from his agent, Capaldi rang back to be greeted with "Hello, Doctor!

" Moffat felt that an older actor would work best following the youngest actor, as it would both provide a change and lessen comparisons.

He commented, "I can absolutely believe that the strange old-young Matt Smith will turn into the strange young-old Peter Capaldi." Capaldi has previously appeared playing other roles in the Doctor Who franchise.

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