Adding service reference not updating web configuration

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Message-based communications can be based on these standards, regardless if they are exposed as interoperable Web services over HTTP or as non-interoperable, proprietary services over named pipes (IPC), TCP, MSMQ, or other transport protocols.This makes it possible to achieve end-to-end reliability and security over any protocol.Despite pending ratification, popular Web services technology platforms have already begun to support these standards for the business value they offer.Not only have these standards made interoperable communication possible, they have also enabled more reliable and secure distributed communication scenarios over any protocol.Basic Security Profile is another set of guidance by WS-I that constrains core messaging scenarios for OASIS Web Service Security (WSS) specifically the SOAP Message Security specification and related token profiles for passing username and password or X.509-based credentials.MTOM is the formally ratified specification for optimizing how opaque data is transmitted with a SOAP message.

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NET and WCF: Meet Your New Web Service in the February 2007 issue of .) The term Web service has been around since SOAP protocol was introduced in the late 1990s.In this article I ll discuss options for exposing interoperable Web service endpoints with WCF.In the traditional sense of interoperable Web services exposed over HTTP, WCF provides three standard bindings: Basic Http Binding, WSHttp Binding, and WSFederation Http Binding.Another HTTP binding, WSDual Http Binding, supports duplex communication between client and service.With this binding, two Web service endpoints using WSHttp Binding are exposed one at the service and another at the client to facilitate callbacks or non-durable out-of-band calls from a service.

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