Dating gay man older

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However, despite Fasoli clearly being distressed, Marshall ignores his cries.

A forensic pathologist who examined Fasoli’s body found no evidence of any third-party involvement and the inquest held at West London Coroner’s Court on 16 August 2013 returned a verdict of accidental death.According to the Met Police, the audio from the video captures the sounds of Fasoli shouting at Marshall as he smothered him with sheets of cling film.Fasoli is then pulled off the bed and out of view of the camera.Covering his tracks The court was told that the next morning Marshall sent a message to Fasoli through the same dating site apologising for not having turned up the night before in a further attempt to cover his tracks.Marshall then used Fasoli’s bank card to withdraw hundreds of pounds and he then flew to Italy, where he sent further messages accusing Fasoli of “ignoring” him.

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