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Each time we open Outlook, the synchronization process start and stop in the middle, for some reason, we cannot figure. The less good news is that there are many grounds for this issue, and there is no “magic” solution that will help us to solve the synchronization problem in “one click.” In this article, we review the cases and the troubleshooting steps for mitigating optional causes for Outlook synchronization problems in Office 365 environment and review the specific charters of Outlook and Exchange Online environment.

I know that this article could consider as “long and tedious” but the Murphy law dictates that: most of the Outlook synchronization problem accrues to “VIP Users,” that usually demand a solution!

One of our users complains that he cannot synchronize mail from his Mailbox in the cloud (Exchange Online).

We try to use a couple of tricks (usually turn off and turn on windows), but no luck.

More info on archiving messages using OEAO Outlook downloads all POP accounts to the folders under “On My Computer”.

Whether you have one or more POP accounts, unless you have a rule to move your messages , they will all go to the default Inbox under “On My Computer”.

When using Exchange Online services, the communication channel is based on a WAN infrastructure, which by default, have narrow bandwidth verse LAN infrastructure.

Before we begin the troubleshooting process, we should classify the Mailbox as Standard Mailbox or “Large Mailbox”.

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This way if your sync erases or duplicates your contacts you can restore from your file. Exporting as individual items allows you to restore only that item and not deal with duplicates.

See this chart “Compare Sync options for POP, IMAP & Exchange Accounts“: The unified Inbox groups all accounts under one Inbox to make viewing all your mail easier. You can select if you want to group folders in Outlook’s Preferences General. Open Accounts under Tools in the Menu bar or select Accounts in Preferences. Entourage gave us the option to make a new folder and/or subfolder. This makes a folder that is a subfolder of the Inbox.

The account type is shown in the top of the window. There are two reasons why you might not see “On My Computer” folders. Normally, to move a folder out of the Inbox to the root level you drag to the “On My Computer” header.

What if I want each POP account to go to it’s own Inbox? In this example I created a folder named Inbox for my Windows Live POP account.

You can create a rule to move each POP account to it’s own Inbox. None of my events appear on my calendar although they appear in My Day just fine. [Added 2011-02-20] Most likely you’ve enabled the option to hide your local folders.

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