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It’s a lot of work to maintain a home, but nowhere near as much as having to clean up after sustaining water damage in your basement!Gutters play a crucial role: They carry thousands of litres of water every year.Jhonni Blaze is Internationally notable for her alluring presence in over 30 well-known recording artists’ music videos that include Chris Browns’ Spend It All, French Montana’s She Loves It, Young Berg, Jim Jones, Jadakiss, and many others.

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Remove leaves and debris then use a hose to run water through them, starting from the highest point.

When she is not gracing the covers of countless magazines and blog sites, Jhonni Blaze is either in the gym, studio or spending time with family.

A natural humanitarian, Jhonni Blaze assists with many charities and sponsors an Ethiopian child monthly.

Entirely savvy with the Piano, Acoustic and Bass Guitar, Violin, Clarinet and Drums.

At the tender young age of 17, Jhonni’s goal was to attend Juilliard Performing Arts School, known as one of the world’s leading music schools with one of the most prestigious art programs.

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