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A procession from the courthouse to Monument Hill was led by the marshal, Col Lester, and the remains were escorted by the military under command of Col. He most likely would have declined to travel to La Grange even if he were invited. Again this county has as many running streams of as pure water as any other in middle and northern Texas.

There has been a very great change in the face of the county during the past two years.

Later President Houston stated that the Mier men had acted without authority of the government, leaving the impression that they were not entitled to treatment as prisoners of war unless the Mexican government wished to assume that obligation. Green, a member of the Mier Expedition who escaped Perote in July, 1843, lashed out at President Houston in a notice printed in the La Grange Intelligencer on May 23, 1844.

He accused Houston of being responsible for the deaths of the men in Perote Prison, because of his failure to support treating them as prisoners of war.

The following are excerpts by Rosa Berry Cole from Memories of By-Gone Days and was published by the Smithville Heritage Society. Mc Kee The Berry family landed in Velasco, Texas and were met by two Berry brothers who had come ahead and locate a homestead in Texas.

When the river was low, you could drive across, it would sink down and water would cover the logs, but you would not bog down.

Note: At that time Mexican prisoners were given scant food and no clothing. To judge of the honesty of a man’s professions of warm and devoted friendship, you must feel the grip.

They were, however, allowed to purchase decent food and clothing with their own funds. Many such, I am happy to say, I have received during the few days I have spent among the citizens of the Queen City of the Colorado Valley.

Burnam never forgave Houston and felt Houston ordered the destruction out of spite.

Houston, as President of the Republic of Texas, vetoed a bill in 1838 making La Grange the state capitol.

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