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But, as she prepares to release her third album, Pictures, Melua cannot disguise a certain ambivalence about where her musical career has taken her."I'm very lucky and I'm grateful and I try not to complain too much, but…" (and it's a big but) "…no one could ever be that sweet."For some, Melua is not so much a national treasure as a national embarrassment."I wouldn't say I was getting restless but three was enough.I am becoming my own person and there isn't space any more for two creative people to go on an album."When I first interviewed Melua in 2004, she was bright and engaging, enjoying every moment of her unexpected career.Beneath its melodic surface, What I Miss About You, for example, is a lacerating attack on an ex-boyfriend's vanities and weaknesses."Mike is so much the lighter shade of what we do. "Choosing which songs to record can be the source of a lot of arguments," she admits. "Me and Mike have decided this is the last album we are going to make as a creative team.It's funny, because I requested that he go slightly darker, but even when he writes a song about horror films (Scary Movies) he's twisted it and made it happy. It feels like the end of a chapter, our final little blast." Always careful in her choice of words, Melua insists no criticism of her mentor is intended.Melua was the right girl in the right place at the right time, a home-grown answer to the similar and even more successful Norah Jones.

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It may seem odd that the nation should be in thrall to a couple of old broadcasters who like music that reminds them of their youth.

But I have been growing as a creative person, and the music I am making now is quite different from Mike's."The third album from the pair may be the one where the apprentice surpasses her mentor.

While the easy-listening feel is still there, it is not hard to tell Melua and Batt's songs apart.

We also served rose petal martinis, which may have looked pretty, but were completely lethal!

''I'd spotted this Claire Pettibone dress in before I got engaged, and thought "If I ever get married, this is the dress." Russell Blackburn, the owner of Blackburn Bridal Couture in London, tracked it down for me.

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